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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Basics of Explosion Protection with Emphasis on Intrinsic Safety
Brad Zimmerman
Design & Development Manager
Technical Chairman for the UL STP 60079 Committee
R. Stahl Inc.

5:00 p.m. ~ Food & Networking
6:00 p.m. ~ Presentation

Carollo Engineers
3150 Bristol Street, Suite 500
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Curtis Horn 714-593-5229

This presentation on the ‘Basics of Explosion Protection with Emphasis on Intrinsic Safety’ will include the following:
• Basics of explosion protection as per NEC500
• Intrinsic safety (IS) • Advantages of IS.
• IS using Zener barrier and galvanic isolators
• IS for Ethernet – cable or Fiber Optics.
• Key advantage of 'hot swappable' capability of IS circuits
• Combination of various explosion protection methodologies for unique applications.

Brad Zimmermann Is currently employed by R. STAHL, Inc., a manufacturer of electrical equipment primarily for hazardous location applications, based in Stafford, TX. The headquarters of the parent company is R. STAHL, GmbH. In Waldenburg, Germany. Mr. Zimmermann currently in the position of Design & Development Manager, and has been with the company for over eighteen (18) years. In this position he has the primary responsibility for the design and development of components and systems for North American applications, and is involved in work with the global development group which is responsible for product which also include IECEx and ATEX certifications. In this role he spent four and a half years working at the headquarters in Waldenburg, Germany before returning to the Houston area office and assuming his current position. Before joining R. STAHL, Inc. he was employed by a manufacturer of oilfield equipment in the design and development of drilling equipment. He received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University.

He currently serves as the Technical Chairman of UL STP 60079 for Electrical Equipment for use in Class I, Zone 0; Zone 1; and Zone 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations. This STP is responsible for the development of standards UL60079-0, UL60079-1, UL60079-2, UL60079-6, UL60079-7, UL60079-11, UL60079-15, UL60079-18, UL60079-25, UL60079-26, UL60079-28, UL60079-30-1, UL60079-31, UL2225, UL120002, UL120202, UL120404, UL121201, UL121203, UL122001, and UL122701. He also serves as the Task Group Chairman for TG79-07 for the development and maintenance for UL60079-7.

He is a US appointed expert and Co-Convenor of Maintenance Team TC31/MT60079-7 for the development and maintenance to the standard IEC60079-7, Equipment protection by increased safety “e”.

He is also a US appointed expert to TC31/WG22, responsible for MT60079-0 (general requirements), maintenance of IEC60050-426 and other specific tasks assigned by TC31 (including development and maintenance of the standards IEC60079-5 protection by powder filling “q” and IEC60079-6 protection by liquid immersion “o”); and to TC31/MT60079-1 for type of protection “d” flameproof.

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